RW Expo Ukraine 2020

Amsterdamska,1, Berezivka, Kyivska Oblast
+380 50 0568355
Kyiv, Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine

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Start Date
31 Mar 2020
End Date
2 Apr 2020


Recycling and Waste Expo Ukraine - trade fair for recycling technology and waste management

Exhibition combine all types of machines, equipment and technologies for recycling, collection, sorting, processing, disposal of solid, organic waste, air purification, water.
Equipment demonstration - from collection and sorting to processing and finished products.
Bringing together recycling and waste management professionals with buyers, corporate business, condominiums and other stakeholders.
Different functional zones and large territory of exhibition space for holding hybrid event formats within the exhibition Trade is providing the platform for innovations that are shaping the future of sustainability.


Transport, machinery, equipment, inventory for:
- recycling sorting and separation machinery and equipment
- waste management, collection, transportation, sorting, treatment, storage, recovery (reclamation), disposal waste
- management sector, landfill sites
- municipal and special purpose

Protection against air pollution:
- equipment for industrial gas treatment and air aspiration, filters
- dust suppression systems, dust-free handling of bulk materials and transportation of captured materials
- ventilation and climatic equipment

Water and sewage management:
- equipment for pipelines cleaning and engineering networks of water supply and disposal
- equipment and technologies for sewage treatment

Waste to value:
- equipment and technologies for generating energy from secondary raw materials & waste
- recycled waste products for municipal and other sectors


Exhibitors are producers and suppliers of recycling equipment, technologies, solutions, science and startups in industrial, business and private life.

• Municipal and private recycling, utilities and waste management organizations
• Heads of departments and responsible managers on waste management of executive bodies, communities, OSBB
• Managers, responsible staff on waste management of the landfill, manufactures, building companies, agro sector, food producers, retail, medicine and other business structures
• Secondary raw materials' recyclers: polymers, glass, waste paper, tires, etc
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