Plastic Recycling Plants In Other Europe

Other European plastic recycling plants directory - showing companies in Other Europe that process plastic waste into new materials. 121 plastic recycling plants based in Other Europe are listed below.

Company Name No. Staff Materials Processed (tons/year) Capacity (tons/year)
AB Plasta Lithuania LDPE, HDPE Granules/Pellets
AB Torsten Hedins Plaståtervinning Sweden PP, PE Granules/Pellets
ADN Materials Ltd. Ireland Waste Plastic Granules/Pellets
Alwag d.o.o. Serbia PET Flakes 13,500 12,000
Ambigroup Portugal PP, PS, PVC, HDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets 12,000
Baricosan Trans SRL Romania PP, PC, HDPE, LDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets
BelEuroPack Belarus PP, LDPE Granules/Pellets
Brkovic LLC Croatia 40 PET, PP, PS, PE, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
ChUP "Plastsiti" Belarus PP, HDPE, LDPE, PC, PS, ABS, PA Granules/Pellets
Cocoduo d.o.o. Slovenia PET, PP, PS, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
D.NET-Recycle A.E Greece PET, PP, PS, HDPE, LDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets
Deceuninck Compound & Recycling Belgium PVC Granules/Pellets 10,500
Ecofriend Recycling Romania PP, PE Granules/Pellets 4,800
Ecoibéria SA Portugal PET Flakes 14,000
Ecosistem Recycling Romania LDPE Granules/Pellets
Eko Cycle d.o.o. Serbia PP, HDPE Granules/Pellets
Eko PET Latvia PET Granules/Pellets
Ekolast Recycling Macedonia PET Flakes
Ekolumi s.r.o. Slovakia HDPE, PP, PA, PS, PVC, PC, ABS, LDPE, PET Flakes, Granules/Pellets
Ekores Belarus Waste Plastic Granules/Pellets
Ekotal s.r.o. Slovakia PA Flakes
Elevate Polymers Limited Ireland LLDPE Granules/Pellets
Euro Separadora Portugal Waste Plastic Granules/Pellets
Fabrika Brzan Plast o.d. Serbia PET Granules/Pellets
Fenix-Plast Co Kosovo PP, LDPE, PET, PVC Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Fiam s.r.o. Slovakia PVC, PP, PS, LDPE, HDPE, HIPS, ABS, PA, PET Granules/Pellets
G.P.R. Albania Albania PET, PP, PE, HDPE Granules/Pellets, Flakes
General Plastic, a.s. Slovakia PET Flakes
Globipedestal Portugal PP, PA, PE, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE Granules/Pellets
Green World Ltd Latvia PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE Granules/Pellets 8,400 3,600
Greentech Ltd. Serbia PET Flakes 7,200
Greentech Plastics Ltd. Ireland PP, PS Flakes
Greentech S.A. Romania PET Flakes 50,000
Grinteh MK doo Macedonia PET Flakes
Grön Portugal PVC Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Hidroplasto Srl Romania PVC Granules/Pellets
I.R.P. - Indústria Recicladora de Plásticos, Lda Portugal HDPE, LDPE, PP Granules/Pellets
Intercord doo Subotica Serbia 45 PET, PP, PE Granules/Pellets
Ivlajn Serbia PP, PS, PC, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
JSC "Countryplast" Lithuania PET Flakes
JSC „Vitopas“ Lithuania Waste Plastic Granules/Pellets
JSC Belvtorpolimer Belarus PP, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets 8,000 24,000
Jugoplastic Recycling d.o.o. Serbia PET Flakes
K-Kanellakis A.E. Greece PP, PS, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets
Kanplast Belarus PP, PA, PS, HDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets
Karatsialis Bros & Co Greece LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC Granules/Pellets
Kunststof Recycling Van Werven - Lanaken Belgium PE, HDPE, PP, ABS, PVC, PS Flakes
LB Plast s.r.o. Slovakia PVC Flakes, Granules/Pellets
Looplife Polymers Belgium PP, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
Maldis Lithuania PE Granules/Pellets
MAT-obaly, s. r. o. Slovakia LDPE Granules/Pellets
MCL Components Limited Malta PP, PC, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets
Mi-Plast Ltd. Croatia PE Granules/Pellets
Micronização e Reciclagem de Polímeros, SA. Portugal Waste Plastic Granules/Pellets
Namé Recycling Belgium PET, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets, Flakes
NEO Group Lithuania PET Granules/Pellets 480,000
Nordic Plast Ltd. Latvia PP, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
Norfolier GreenTec Norway PE, LDPE, LLDPE Granules/Pellets
OAO "BZPI" Belarus HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
Omaplast d.o.o. Slovenia PP, PA, PS, HDPE, LDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets
Omorika Recycling Ltd Bosnia and Herzegovina PET Granules/Pellets 4,800
Optiplast Croatia HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE Granules/Pellets
OÜ WeeRec Estonia PP, PS, PC, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets
PET Baltija Jsc. Latvia PET Granules/Pellets, Flakes 24,000
PET Reciklaža d.o.o. Serbia PET Flakes
PET Recycling Greece PET Flakes
Pirmit Predelava in Reciklaža Plastike d.o.o. Slovenia HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
PKUP "Biomehzavod bytovykh vtorresursov" Belarus PET Flakes
Plasta d.o.o. Slovenia PE Granules/Pellets
Plastiflex Romania PVC, PE Granules/Pellets
Plastrex Estonia Waste Plastic Flakes 2,400
Plusgreen - Reciclagem, Lda. Portugal PE, PA, PP, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets 840
Pokas-Arcadian Recycle Greece PP, HDPE Granules/Pellets
Poliforma Lithuania Waste Plastic Granules/Pellets
PoliVek Belarus HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
Poly Lane Industries Srl. Romania HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP Granules/Pellets
Polymer Team NV Belgium PP, PE Granules/Pellets
Portugal Reciclagem Portugal PS, PP, LDPE, HDPE Granules/Pellets
Pos-plast d.o.o. Croatia PP, HDPE, LDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets
Pramia Plastic Oy Finland PET Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Pro Pet Recycling d.o.o. Serbia PET Flakes
Professional Recycle Romania PET Flakes
Raff Plastics NV Belgium PET, PP, PS, PVC, HDPE Granules/Pellets
Rameko s.r.o. Slovakia Waste Plastic Granules/Pellets
Recuplás - Reciclagem de Plásticos Portugal PP, ABS, PC, PS Flakes, Granules/Pellets
Recycling Mondo Plast S.R.L.  Romania LDPE Granules/Pellets
Renviro Slovakia PET Flakes
REP – Recuperados de Plásticos, Lda Portugal LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS Granules/Pellets
Replas-M Belarus PET, PP Flakes, Granules/Pellets
Repol Ltd. Serbia PP, PS, PE Granules/Pellets
Retroplast Lithuania PP, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
Revalmet Estonia PP, PS, PC, HDPE, LDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets
Rom Waste Solutions Romania PET, PP, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Romcarbon S.A. Romania PP, PS, PE, HDPE, LDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets
Rudar Company Bosnia and Herzegovina PE, PET Granules/Pellets
Rulo S.A. Belgium PVC Flakes
S.C. Ritmic Com S.R.L Romania PET Flakes
S.C.Motion&Technik S.R.L. Romania PP, HDPE, LDPE, PC, PS Flakes, Granules/Pellets
Santos Oliveira Plásticos Lda. Portugal PP, PE, PS, PVC Granules/Pellets, Flakes
SC "Pandrim" SRL Moldova HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets