Plastic Recycling Plants In Japan

Japanese plastic recycling plants directory - showing companies in Japan that process plastic waste into new materials. 113 plastic recycling plants based in Japan are listed below.

Company NameNo. StaffMaterials Processed (tons/year)Capacity (tons/year)
Aiwa Plastics Co., Ltd.Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Akita Eco Plash Co., Ltd.50PP, PS, PEGranules/Pellets
Ando Shigyo Co., Ltd.50PEGranules/Pellets
ARC Co., Ltd.41PP, PEGranules/Pellets
Bestura Co., Ltd.21PET, PP, PS, PE, PVC, ABSGranules/Pellets
Cosumo-Kasei Co., Ltd.10PETGranules/Pellets, Flakes
Daikei Kagaku Co., Ltd.16PP, PE, PS, ABS, PC, PETGranules/Pellets
Daisaku Trading Co., Ltd.30PP, PS, PE, LDPE, ABSGranules/Pellets
Daiwa Techno Industry Co., Ltd.PETFlakes8,040
Ebisu Siryo Co., Ltd.Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets7,200
Eco Bank, Inc.PET, PP, PS, PEGranules/Pellets
Eco Co., Ltd.175PETFlakes
Eco-Feel Co., Ltd.Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Eco-Port Kyusyu.Co,.Ltd.Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Ecos Factory, Inc.49PP, PS, PEGranules/Pellets
Ecostage Co., Ltd.9PET, PP, PS, PC, PE, PVC, ABSGranules/Pellets
Ecoworks Co., Ltd.PA, PS, PC, PE, ABSGranules/Pellets
Emcgroup CompanyPETFlakes10,0007,800
Far Eastern Ishizuka Green PET CorporationPETGranules/Pellets, Flakes50,00035,000
Fujii Kakou Co., Ltd.PP, HDPE, LDPE, PS, PCGranules/Pellets
Furukawa Co., Ltd.17PP, PE, ABS, PSGranules/Pellets
Future CorporationPET, PP, PS, PE, ABSGranules/Pellets
Green Cycle Systems CorporationPP, PS, ABSGranules/Pellets
GSP Co., LtdPETFlakes
Hara Chemistry Industry Co., Ltd.8PP, PEGranules/Pellets
Hashimoto & Co., Ltd.PA, PP, ABS, LDPE, PE, PCGranules/Pellets
Hifumi Sangyo Co., Ltd.50PPGranules/Pellets
Hinomaru Synthetic Resins Industry CorporationWaste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Hirano Metal Industry Co., Ltd.PETGranules/Pellets
Hokupere Corporation32PP, PS, PE, ABSGranules/Pellets
I.T.O. Group Co., Ltd49PP, PVC, Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Ihara Synthesis, Inc.PP, PA, PS, PC, PE, ABSGranules/Pellets
Inaba Kankyo Eco Recycling Center163PP, PEGranules/Pellets
Inoue Recycle Center72PETFlakes
Irex Co., Ltd.PP, PE, LDPEGranules/Pellets
Isono Co., Ltd.PETGranules/Pellets
Iwafuchi Group91PETFlakes
J · R · V Co., Ltd.PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PC, PET, PVCGranules/Pellets
Japan Pulp and Paper Company LimitedWaste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Japan Resource Technology Co., Ltd.Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Japan Tech Co., Ltd.PETGranules/Pellets, Flakes
JFE Kankyo Corporation890PETGranules/Pellets, Flakes
Kato Shoji Co., Ltd.PETFlakes
Kato Syoji Co., Ltd.PETFlakes
Kimura Inc.105PP, LDPE, HDPE, PS, ABS, PVC, PA, PET, PCGranules/Pellets
Kotec Co., Ltd.PCGranules/Pellets
Kuroda Industry CorporationPP, PEGranules/Pellets
Kyoei Industry Co., Ltd.130Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Kyowa Co., Ltd.264Waste Plastic, PETGranules/Pellets, Flakes
Marukoh Co., Ltd.120PETFlakes
Marusa Co., Ltd.PET, PP, PE, PS, ABS, PCFlakes
Matsuda Shoten Co., Ltd.40PETFlakes
Meinan Co., Ltd.25PET, PP, PA, PS, PE, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, ABSGranules/Pellets
Miki Resin Industry Co., Ltd.PP, PC, HDPE, ABSGranules/Pellets
Miyake-namakon Co., Ltd.PP, PE, PSGranules/Pellets
Mizuki Co., Ltd.PE, PP, HDPE, PET, PA, LDPEGranules/Pellets
MM Plastic Co., Ltd.PP, PS, PEGranules/Pellets
Morisaki Co.,Ltd 15Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Nabeka Plastic Recycle Corporation30PP, PS, PEGranules/Pellets
Nakamura Kankyo Co.,Ltd.51PEGranules/Pellets
Niitsu Seisoh Co., Ltd.PETFlakes
Nikki-Tsusho, Inc.27PET, PP, PEGranules/Pellets
Nisen Co., Ltd.30PET, PP, PS, PE, ABSGranules/Pellets
Nishihara Kasei Co., Ltd.PP, PE, PS, PVC, ABS, PCGranules/Pellets
Nissin Industry Co., Ltd.130PVC, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, PS, PA, PCGranules/Pellets
Nissou CompanyPET, PP, PS, PE, ABSGranules/Pellets
Okinawa Keisoku Co., Ltd.15PETFlakes
Oyama Chem Co., Ltd.106PETFlakes
Pantech Co., Ltd.PET, PS, PEGranules/Pellets
Prtec Co., Ltd.PET, PP, PS, PEGranules/Pellets, Flakes
Recycling And Equal Co., Ltd.PET, PP, PSGranules/Pellets, Flakes
Replas Co., Ltd.43HDPE, LDPE, LLDPEGranules/Pellets
Sakuma Corporation110PETFlakes
Sanko Co., Ltd.PETFlakes
Sankyo Chemical Co., Ltd.13PP, PEGranules/Pellets
Sanwa Jushi Co., Ltd.15Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Seinan Group Co., Ltd.600PETFlakes
Seiujapan Co., Ltd.46PETFlakes
Shinei Kasei Co., Ltd.22Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
ShinkohSangyo Ltd.42Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Shinkou-Eco Co.PETFlakes
Shinsei Industrial Co., Ltd.PET, PP, PA, PS, PC, PEGranules/Pellets
Shinwa Plastic Co., Ltd.PPGranules/Pellets
Shitifuku Co., Ltd.PP, PE, PS, ABS, PAGranules/Pellets
Syuwa International Group200PET, PP, PA, PS, PC, PE, ABSGranules/Pellets1,920
Taiho Chemical Co., Ltd.PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPEGranules/Pellets
Taisei Jushi Co., Ltd.PET, PP, HDPE, LDPE, HIPSGranules/Pellets, Flakes
Taiwa Holding Co., Ltd.Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Taiyou Kasei Ltd.PP, PEGranules/Pellets
Takanami Chemical25HDPE, LDPE, LLDPEGranules/Pellets
Takara Shigen Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.100PETFlakes
Takaroku Shoji Co., Ltd.130PP, PET, PC, ABS, PSGranules/Pellets
Takayasu Co., Ltd.Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Tanaka Sekkai Kogyo Co., Ltd.Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Tengen Plastic RecyclePET, PP, PS, PC, PEGranules/Pellets
Tobe Shoji Co., Ltd.158PET, Waste PlasticFlakes, Granules/Pellets
Tohshin Co., Ltd.PETGranules/Pellets, Flakes
Tokuden Co., Ltd.Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets