Metal Material Recovery Facilities In Japan

Japanese metal material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in Japan that receive, separate and prepare recyclable metal materials.

Company Name No. Staff Materials Processed (tons/year)
3R. Co., Ltd 35 Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing)
Aizawa Co.,Ltd
Aizen Co., Ltd. 82 Residential
Ajima Co., Ltd.
Akemi Recycle Center Corporation
Akimoto Syouten Co., Ltd. 15
Akita Kyodo Cleaning Co., Ltd. 90 Industrial, Residential
Alpha Support Co., Ltd. 32 Industrial, Residential
Amataki Trading Co., Ltd.
Ando Co., Ltd. 89 Industrial, Residential Manual
Ando Jinchi Shoten Co., Ltd. 16 Residential, Industrial
Ando Paper Co., Ltd. 70 Residential, Commercial, Industrial 156,000
Aoki Co., Ltd.
Aoki Shoten Co., Ltd 48 Industrial, Commercial
Aoki Shoten Co., Ltd. 25 Commercial, Industrial, Residential 69,600
Aomori Shigen Co., Ltd.
Aomori Waste Treatment Center Co., Ltd. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Aosho Corporation Residential, Industrial
Aragaki Shoten Co., Ltd.
Arai Metal Co., Ltd
Arai Paper Co., Ltd. 60 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Arai Restem Co., Ltd
Arai Shoten Co., Ltd. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Arai's Forest Co., Ltd. 25 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Arakawa Co., Ltd. 155 Commercial, Residential, Industrial
ARBIZ Corporation 165
Ariake Co., Ltd 14 Industrial
Ariake Kogyo Co., Ltd. 121
Armec Co., Ltd. Industrial
Asahi Clean Co., Ltd.
Asahi Metal Co., Ltd. Industrial, Commercial
Asahi Steel Industry Co., Ltd. 11 Industrial, Residential, Commercial
Atlas Co., Ltd.
Azuma Kinzoku Co., Ltd. 90
Babahon Shoten Co., Ltd. 30 Industrial
Bange Recycle Service Co., Ltd. 7 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Benikyu Shoten Co., Ltd. 70
Birudo Shoji Co., Ltd.
Campo Co., Ltd
Chiba Environmental Business Co., Ltd. Industrial
Chiba Kigyo Co., Ltd. 43
Chiba Seikou Co., Ltd
Chichibu Recovery Resources Co., Ltd.. 14
Chubu Clean System Co., Ltd. 48
Chuoh Kanse Co., Ltd.
Clean Life Co., Ltd.
Clean Network Co., Ltd. 25
Clean Service Iwata Co., Inc. 26
Clean System Co., Ltd. 230
Clean System Co., Ltd.
Cocco Co., Ltd. 335 Industrial
Cosmo Recycle Co., Ltd 45
Create Sanin Co., Ltd. Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing) Semi-automated
Daiei Kankyou Co., Ltd.
Daiichi Metal Co., Ltd. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Daikei Corporation
Daiko Metal Co., Ltd. 80 Commercial, Industrial 150,000
Daimaru Metal Co., Ltd. Industrial, Commercial
Daimaru Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Dainichi Shokai Co., Ltd. 35
Daitetsu Co., Ltd. 25
Daitu Co., Ltd. Commercial
Daiwa Sogyo Co., Ltd. 31 Commercial, Residential, Industrial
Dispo Co., Ltd. 49 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
E-Stage Co., Ltd. 95 Residential, Commercial, Industrial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing)
E&M Co., Ltd.
East Core Co., Ltd 113 Industrial, Residential, Commercial
Ebisu Co., Ltd.
EC Center Co., Ltd. 132 Industrial
Echo Environment Division Co., Ltd. Commercial, Industrial
Eco Crew Co., Ltd. 30 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Eco Try Co., Ltd.
Ecom Kawamura Co., Ltd. 137 Industrial
Econecol Inc. 208
Ecowas Plant Co., Ltd. Industrial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing) Fully automated
Ehime Koseni Saisei Co., Ltd. Residential, Commercial
Eiwa Corporation 120,000
Eiwa Sangyo Ltd. Industrial, Residential, Commercial 300,000
Environment Maintenance Industry Co., Ltd. 158 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
FUJI Co., Ltd.
Fuji Kinzoku Co., Ltd. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Fuji Metal Recycle 120 Residential, Commercial, Industrial 400,000
Fuji Trading Co., Ltd. 22 Commercial, Industrial 96,000
Fujino Kogyo Co., Ltd. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Fujisaki Sangyo Co., Ltd. 25 Industrial
Fujita Co., Ltd. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Fukamachi Taizo Shoten Co., Ltd.
Fukasawa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Fukuoka Metal Enterprise Co., Ltd. 30
Fukuoka Resources Co., Ltd. 28 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Fukushima Shoten Co., Ltd. 22 Residential, Commercial Semi-automated
Furukawas Corporation Industrial, Residential
Fuwa Metal Co., Ltd.
Gendai Group 80
General Pollution Distribution Center Co., Ltd. 31 Industrial, Residential, Commercial
Glass Resourcing Co., Ltd.
Global Technos, Ltd 11
Godaiyu Co., Ltd. Residential, Commercial
Green Logistics Co., Ltd. 40 Residential, Commercial, Industrial