Glass Material Recovery Facilities In Netherlands

Dutch glass material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in Netherlands that receive, separate and prepare recyclable glass materials.

Company Name No. Staff MRF Type Materials Processed (tons/year)
Afvalstoffendienst 's-Hertogenbosch Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Bork Recycling B.V.
Collin BV 30
Heinhuis Recycling B.V. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Langezaal Industrial
Omrin Industrial, Commercial
Renewi Smink B.V. Residential, Industrial
Sortiva Alkmaar Residential, Commercial, Industrial Fully automated
Van der Galiën Recycling B.V. 40
Van der Putten B.V. Commercial, Industrial
Van Kaathoven Fully automated
Van Kaathoven Groep Residential, Industrial
Van Munster Recyclers BV
Verhoef BV