Plastic Recycling Plants In United Kingdom

British plastic recycling plants directory - showing companies in United Kingdom that process plastic waste into new materials. 83 plastic recycling plants based in United Kingdom are listed below.

Company Name Materials Processed (tons/year) Capacity (tons/year)
Aim to Recycle Tyne and Wear PE, PET Granules/Pellets
Alpek Polyester UK Ltd Redcar and Cleveland PET Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Alpha Polymers Ltd Merseyside PP Granules/Pellets
Arrow Recycling Ltd West Midlands PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Associated Polymer Resources Hampshire ABS, ASA, GPPS, HDPE, HIPS, PA, PC, PC/ABS, PETG, PMMA, PP, PVC Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Aurora Manufacturing Ltd Greater Manchester ABS, HDPE, HIPS, LDPE, PA, PP Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Avon Reclamation Somerset PVC Granules/Pellets
Axion Polymers Ltd Greater Manchester PP, ABS Granules/Pellets
Aylesbury Granulation Services Limited Buckinghamshire ABS, HDPE, PC, PP Granules/Pellets, Flakes
B & J Parr Nottinghamshire ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PA, PP, PS Granules/Pellets
Berry Circular Polymers Cambridgeshire ABS, GPPS, HDPE, HIPS, LDPE, PA, PC/ABS, PET, PMMA, POM, PP, PS, PVC Granules/Pellets, Flakes 200,000
Biffa plc Buckinghamshire PET, HDPE Granules/Pellets
BM Tech Ltd. Derbyshire PVC Flakes
Bright Green Plastics Ltd West Yorkshire PP, HDPE Granules/Pellets 40,000
C. L. Rye Trading Ltd Essex HDPE, LLDPE, PET, PP, PVC Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Chase Plastics Ltd Suffolk HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE Granules/Pellets
Clean Tech U.K. Ltd Lincolnshire PET Granules/Pellets, Flakes 100,000
County Plastics Limited Greater Manchester ABS, HDPE, HIPS, LDPE, MDPE, PP Flakes
Dalecuts Limited Blackburn with Darwen HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, PP Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Devon Contract Waste Devon PP, PA, PS, PC, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PMMA, PBT Granules/Pellets
ENF Recycling - Sample page Surrey PET, PP, PA, PS, PC, PE, PVC
Enva Renfrewshire PP, PS, ABS, HIPS Granules/Pellets
Envirogreen Polymers Ltd Armagh PP, HDPE Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Eurocell Recycle Derbyshire PVC Granules/Pellets 39,000
Express Polymers (Europe) Ltd Gloucestershire ABS, EPS, GPPS, HDPE, HIPS, LDPE, PA, PC, PC/ABS, PMMA, POM, PP Flakes
FGD Recycling Ltd. Hertfordshire HDPE, PC, PET, PP, PVC Flakes
GD Environmental Services Ltd Newport HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC Granules/Pellets
GK Recycling Ltd. Nottingham PET, PP, PVC, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
Global Plastic (UK) Ltd Suffolk Waste Plastic Flakes
Granuplas Plastic Recycling West Yorkshire PP, PS, HDPE, LDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Grist Environmental Ltd Wiltshire PET, PP, PA, PS, PC, PVC, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, ABS, POM Granules/Pellets
Hi Technological Plastic Industries PLC Greater Manchester HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
HW Martin Waste Ltd Derbyshire HDPE Flakes
Impact Recycling Tyne and Wear PP, PE Flakes
IP Polymers North Lincolnshire PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Jayplas Northamptonshire HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP, PS Granules/Pellets, Flakes
JP Recycling Ltd Kingston upon Hull PET Flakes 12,000
K2 Polymers Ltd. Leicestershire HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, PA, PP, PU, PVC, PVDF Granules/Pellets
KS Plastic Ltd. Gloucestershire PP, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets 24,000
Light Brothers East Sussex PET, PP, PS, PVC, LDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets
Luxus Ltd Lincolnshire ABS, GPPS, HDPE, HIPS, LDPE, MDPE, PA, PC Granules/Pellets
MBA Polymers UK Ltd Nottinghamshire ABS, HDPE, HIPS, PP, TPO Granules/Pellets 40,000
Migrama Plastics Ltd. West Midlands PVC Flakes
Monoworld Recycling Ltd. Northamptonshire PET, PP, PA, PS, PVC, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets, Flakes 168,000
Morris Recycling Ltd West Midlands PVC Granules/Pellets, Flakes
MV Recycling (UK) Ltd Lancashire PET, PP, PS, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
Mytum & Selby Waste Recycling Ltd. North Yorkshire Waste Plastic Granules/Pellets
Norpol Recycling Ltd. Lancashire HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS Granules/Pellets
Pasha Recycling Greater Manchester Waste Plastic Flakes
Penfold Plastics Ltd. North Somerset PVC Flakes
PlasRecycle Ltd Greater London HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets 20,000
Plastic Technology Services Ltd. Dumfries and Galloway HDPE, PET, PP, PPCP, PS Granules/Pellets
Plumb Polymers Ltd. South Yorkshire HDPE, LDPE, PP Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Polymer Extrusion Technologies (UK) Ltd Dumfries and Galloway HDPE, PBT, PET, PP Granules/Pellets
Polymer Resource Management HDPE, PE, PP Flakes
Preston Plastics Ltd Lancashire PP, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, ABS, HIPS Granules/Pellets
Pro Environmental Services Ltd Medway HDPE, PET, PP Flakes 20,000
Pulse Plastics Ltd. Caerphilly Waste Plastic Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Radical Waste Group Suffolk PET, PP, PVC, HDPE, SAN Flakes
Ravensbourn Limited Waste Plastic Flakes
Recycled Plastics Essex PC, PVC, ABS, HIPS, PMMA Granules/Pellets
Recycled Plastics UK Ltd. West Midlands PE Granules/Pellets
Recyplas Ltd Cambridgeshire PP, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets
Reliable Recycling Ltd North Lanarkshire PP, PC, PE, HDPE, LDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Repro Plastics Ltd Buckinghamshire ABS, GPPS, HDPE, HIPS, LDPE, PA, PC, PE, PMMA, PP Granules/Pellets
Roydon Bottle Recycling Ltd Caerphilly PET, PP, HDPE Flakes 17,500 25,000
Roydon Granulation Ltd Merseyside PET, PP, PS, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Roydon Polythene Ltd. Greater Manchester HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets 10,000
Rubber & Plastic Collection Services Ltd. Berkshire PET, PP, PA, PC, PVC, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, ABS, HIPS, PMMA Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Sharp Polymers Solutions Limited Scottish Borders PET, PP, PA, PS, PC, PE, PVC, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS, EPS, HIPS, POM, PMMA, PBT Granules/Pellets
Simplas PVC Recycling Nottinghamshire PET, PP, PE, PVC, ABS Granules/Pellets, Flakes
SWM & Waste Recycling Limited Devon Waste Plastic Granules/Pellets
Taylors Environmental Recycling Services Ltd Kingston upon Hull Waste Plastic Granules/Pellets
Three Counties Reclamation Limited Shropshire PET Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Tradebe Environmental Services Buckinghamshire PET, PP, HDPE Granules/Pellets
Trafford Services Ltd. Greater Manchester PVC Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Van Werven UK Ltd. North Yorkshire HDPE, PE, PP Flakes
Vanden Recycling Ltd. Lisburn PET, PP, PS, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS Granules/Pellets, Flakes
Veka Recycling Northamptonshire PVC Granules/Pellets
Wiltshire Plastics UK Ltd Wiltshire PC Granules/Pellets
WRC Recycling Renfrewshire HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, PET, PP, PVC Granules/Pellets
Yes Recycling Buckinghamshire PP, PS, HDPE, LDPE Granules/Pellets, Flakes
YS Reclamation Ltd Warrington LDPE Granules/Pellets