Plastic Recycling Plants In Other APAC

Other APAC plastic recycling plants directory - showing companies in Other APAC that process plastic waste into new materials. 41 plastic recycling plants based in Other APAC are listed below.

Company NameNo. StaffMaterials Processed (tons/year)Capacity (tons/year)
A~Star Plastics Pte Ltd SingaporeLDPE, HDPE, PP, LLDPE, PET, PA, PC, Waste PlasticGranules/Pellets
Acentech Corporation KoreaPET, PP, PA, PS, PC, HDPE, LDPE, ABSGranules/Pellets
BangXie Enterprise Co., Ltd. TaiwanPET, PP, PS, PC, PE, ABSGranules/Pellets
Beacon Recycle Industries Limited BangladeshPETFlakes
Bmax Granula UzbekistanPP, HDPE, LDPEGranules/Pellets
Budget Plastics NZ Ltd. New ZealandHDPE, PPGranules/Pellets
Compounding Specialists Ltd New ZealandWaste PlasticGranules/Pellets2,000
D.C. Plastics Co., Ltd. TaiwanPETFlakes, Granules/Pellets
Da Fon Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. TaiwanPP, HDPEGranules/Pellets
Dong Wu Plastic Inc. PhilippinesABS, PS, PP, PCGranules/Pellets
DY-Polymer Co., Ltd. KoreaPETFlakes, Granules/Pellets
FuConn Global Inc. TaiwanLDPE, HDPE, PET, PP, ABSGranules/Pellets
Fukutomi Company Ltd. Hong KongPET, PP, PA, PS, PC, PE, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, ABSGranules/Pellets
Gardenia BangladeshPETFlakes10,800
Gin Wei Enterprise. Co., Ltd. TaiwanPS, PE, ABS, HIPSGranules/Pellets
Global Shining Industry BangladeshPETFlakes
GMJ PET Flakes Plastic Industries Bangladesh160PETFlakes24,000
Hung Kung Recycling Co., Ltd. TaiwanPE, ABS, PP, PS, LDPE, PA, HIPSGranules/Pellets, Flakes
K K Asia (HK) Ltd. SingaporePET, PA, PC, PVC, ABS, HIPSGranules/Pellets
KazPetPolimer KazakhstanPETFlakes1,000
Luen Kee Plastic Materials Factory Limited Hong KongHIPS, PCGranules/Pellets83,700
Moonlight PET Flakes Industry BangladeshPETFlakes
OOO "Nur Diyor Yog'du" UzbekistanPETFlakes, Granules/Pellets
PET Recycling Group UzbekistanPETFlakes, Granules/Pellets
Polytech Recycling BangladeshPETFlakes
Reinheart Marketing PhilippinesPET, PP, PC, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, ABSGranules/Pellets
Retal Pet UzbekistanPETGranules/Pellets
Royal Chemicals Limited BangladeshPETFlakes7,200
Samsun Recycle BangladeshPP, PETFlakes
Samyang Packaging Co., Ltd. KoreaPETFlakes
SLS Pvt. Ltd. Bangladesh12PETFlakes
Swojin Enterprise Co.,Ltd. TaiwanPETFlakes, Granules/Pellets
T.A.T. Industries PhilippinesPP, HDPE, LDPE, HIPSGranules/Pellets
The Global Serve Pte Ltd SingaporePET, PP, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, ABSGranules/Pellets
TOO "Agajyndar KZ" KazakhstanPETFlakes
Toplun Plastic Corporation PhilippinesPET, HDPEFlakes
Viridis Pvt ltd. Sri LankaPETFlakes
Vision 2000 International Corp. TaiwanPAGranules/Pellets
Vtorpolimer KazakhstanPP, PS, HDPE, LDPEGranules/Pellets
Yin-Shan Engineering Private Limited SingaporePP, ABS, PC, PVCGranules/Pellets
YUH-DEAN Enterprise Co., Ltd. TaiwanPAGranules/Pellets