Plastic Material Recovery Facilities In United States

American plastic material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in United States that receive, separate and prepare recyclable plastic materials.

Company Name No. Staff Materials Processed (tons/year)
12th & Haskell Recycle-Center Residential
3R Recycling, Inc.
4G Recycling Inc.
77 Recycling
A.J. Blosenski, Inc Residential, Commercial, Industrial Dual Stream
A&S Metals
AAA Polymer Commercial
Abbey Green
ABC Rolloff Dumpsters Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Accurate Recovery Systems
Accurate Recycling Corporation Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Acme Metals & Recycling, Inc.
Action Environmental Services Commercial, Industrial Single Stream
Advanced Disposal Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Aeiplus Inc. Commercial, Industrial
Agri-Plas, Inc.
AKS Recycling, Inc. Commercial Single Stream 60,000
ALA Recycling Industries
Alameda Recycling & Metals
Albert Bros., Inc. 75 Commercial, Industrial
Alco Iron & Metal Company
Alfa Paper Products Inc.
All American Waste Residential, Commercial, Industrial Single Stream Fully automated
All Fiber & Scrap Recycling, LLC
All Points Recycling Commercial, Industrial, Residential
All Waste Inc. Residential, Commercial Single Stream 51,000
All Waste Removal, Inc. Commercial, Residential, Industrial
Allan Company Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Allegro Sanitation Corp. Commercial, Industrial
Allen County Recyclers Inc Commercial, Industrial, Residential
Allied Recycling
Alpco Recycling, Inc. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Alpert & Alpert Iron & Metal, Inc.
Alpine Waste & Recycling Single Stream 72,000
Ambit Pacific Recycling, Inc.
American Disposal Single Stream
American Metal & Paper Recycling Inc Residential, Industrial, Commercial
American Reclamation Residential, Commercial
American Recycling
American Waste Residential, Commercial Single Stream, Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing)
AmeriSouth Recycling Commercial
Appertain Corp Commercial, Industrial Semi-automated
Apple Valley Recycling Center Single Stream
AR Recycling
Arundel Recycling Center Residential, Commercial
Asheboro Recycling Center 30 Semi-automated
Asheville Waste Paper Co. Inc.
Ashland County Recycling Center 10 Residential, Commercial, Industrial 2,580
Athens Services Residential, Commercial Single Stream Semi-automated
Athens-Hocking Recycling Centers, Inc. Residential, Commercial Single Stream Fully automated
Atlanta Polymers, Inc. Commercial
Atlas Recycling Centers, LLC.
Auburn Recycling & Scrap Metals Residential, Commercial
Avondale Recycling Center LLC Residential, Commercial
B-P Trucking, Inc. Residential, Commercial, Industrial Single Stream
B&L Polymer Processing
Balcones Resources, Inc. Residential, Commercial, Industrial Single Stream
BARC Recycling Commercial, Industrial Single Stream
Bay Disposal & Recycling
Bayshore Recycling Residential Single Stream Fully automated
Beacon Recycling, Inc. Residential, Industrial, Commercial
Bellflower Recycling Center
Belton Metal Company
Berger Recycling Co.
Best Value Recycling
Bestway Disposal Commercial Single Stream
BL Duke Recycling
Boom Recycling, LLC Commercial, Industrial
Boro-Wide Recycling Corporation Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Boulder County Recycling Center Residential Single Stream
Boyne Country Plastics, Inc. Residential, Commercial
BPR Plastics
Brownsville Scrap Paper
Bruno's Iron and Metal Recycling
Buckeye Processing & MRF, LLC Dual Stream Semi-automated
Buckeye Sanitation, Inc. Residential, Commercial
Burrtec Residential, Commercial, Industrial
C&M Recycling Commercial, Industrial, Residential
C&S Waste Solutions Commercial, Residential Single Stream
Cal-Waste Recovery Systems Residential, Commercial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing) Semi-automated 65,000
California Waste Solutions Residential, Commercial Single Stream
Camarillo Recycling, Inc.
Can Shed Residential, Commercial
Cando Recycling and Disposal Residential
Cans Plus Recycling
Canusa Hershman Recycling Company
Capital City Recycling , Inc. Residential, Commercial
Cardella Waste Services Residential, Commercial
Cardinal Recycling Company Commercial
Carolina Fibre Corporation Commercial
Casella Waste Systems 800,000
Cedar Poly, LLC Industrial, Commercial
Cedillo Recycling LLC.
Central Kentucky Fiber Resources, LLC
Central Paper Stock Residential, Commercial
Chambersburg Waste Paper Co., Inc. Residential, Commercial
Champion Waste & Recycling Services Single Stream
Charleston County Environmental Management Residential, Commercial, Industrial Single Stream
Chico Scrap Metal & Recycling Center
Chittenden Solid Waste District Residential, Commercial Single Stream