Plastic Material Recovery Facilities In United Kingdom

British plastic material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in United Kingdom that receive, separate and prepare recyclable plastic materials.

Company Name No. Staff Materials Processed (tons/year)
1st Choice Waste Management Group Commercial, Industrial
300 Recycling Residential, Commercial
A & M Smith Skip Hire Residential, Commercial, Industrial
A Christie and Sons Residential, Commercial
A.E. Burgess & Sons Ltd Industrial 240,000
A.R.Richards LTD Commercial, Residential, Industrial
Aasvogel Recycling & Skip Hire Commercial
AB Waste Disposal Commercial 25,000
Able Waste Management Limited Single Stream
Acorn Recyclers Commercial
Acorn Waste Commercial
Ahern Waste Management
Alan's Skip Hire Ltd Commercial
Alchem (Merseyside) LTD
Allied Waste Management
Alwin Waste Management
Amenities Limited
Archer Recycling Ltd. Residential, Commercial
Armstrong Waste Management Limited Residential, Industrial, Commercial
ASH Waste Services Commercial
Auto Plas (North West) Ltd
AWS Recycling Commercial
B&J Metals Ltd
Baco Compak (Norfolk) Limited Residential, Commercial
Bailey Waste Residential, Commercial Single Stream
Bakers Waste Services Ltd 100 Commercial, Residential
Barton Skip and Grab Hire Limited Residential, Commercial Manual 25,000
Bay Skips Ltd
Bell Waste Control Fully automated
Biffa Plc. Residential, Commercial Single Stream 400,000
Binn Group Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing) Fully automated 125,000
Bolton Brothers Limited
Bowman Skip Hire
Bristol & Avon Group Commercial, Industrial 100,000
Brown Recycling Residential, Commercial
Bryson Recycling 280 Residential, Commercial Single Stream Fully automated 64,000
Bucks Recycling Limited Residential, Commercial
Business Waste Commercial Single Stream
Busy Bees Rubbish Removals Limited Residential, Commercial
BW Recycling Ltd Industrial, Commercial
Bywaters Residential, Industrial Single Stream Fully automated 650,000
Calder Valley Skip Hire Residential, Commercial
Canvey Skip Hire & Recycling Ltd. Residential, Commercial
Cardboard Paper Plastics Recycling Limited Commercial
Casepak Residential, Commercial, Industrial Single Stream 150,000
Casepak Materials Recycling Facility Residential, Commercial Single Stream Fully automated
Cawleys Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing) Semi-automated
CCC Waste Management Commercial
Century Recycling Services Ltd
Ceredigion Waste Services 20 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Chambers Recycling Residential, Commercial
Cherry Drainage Pipes
Clearaway Ltd Commercial, Industrial
Clews Recycling Ltd Commercial Single Stream
Coastal Recycling Residential, Commercial Fully automated 100,000
Commercial Recycling (Southern) Limited 300,000
Cornwall Waste Services
Cornwall Waste Solutions Industrial, Commercial
Countrystyle Recycling Ltd. Residential, Commercial 500,000
Cox Skips Fully automated
CS Recycling (Chas Storer Ltd) Commercial
Culling Scrap Metals Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Cumbria Waste Management
CWM Environmental Residential, Commercial
D & E Roberts Ltd
D.W Parker Skip Hire Commercial, Residential Semi-automated
Datashredders Residential, Commercial
Dennison Plastics Ltd
Derwent Recycling Services Ltd.
Derwent Waste Management 50 Commercial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing) Semi-automated
Devon Contract Waste Commercial
DJB Recycling Limited
Dow Group Ltd Commercial, Residential
E Team Ltd Commercial, Industrial
EA-Recycling Commercial
Eco Recycling Ltd.
Eco Waste & Recycling Ltd Residential, Commercial
Edwards Recycling
EF Plastics UK Limited
EIS Waste Services Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing)
EJ Shanley Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Ellgia Recycling Innovation Residential, Commercial
Elsa Recycling Group
EMS Waste Services Residential, Commercial
Entire Recycling Limited Commercial
Enviro Kleen (Scotland) Ltd Commercial, Industrial Manual
Enviro Skip Hire Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Envirofirst Commercial
Envirogreen Polymers Ltd Commercial, Industrial
Environment First Ltd.
Environmental Waste Controls Residential, Commercial
Essex Reclamation Ltd 
ETM Recycling Commercial
FCC Environment Residential, Commercial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing) Semi-automated
Fortress Recycling and Resource Management Ltd. Commercial Fully automated
Fresh Start Waste Services Semi-automated
G & C Waste Paper Co. Ltd Commercial
G.H.S Recycling Commercial
GB Skips Limited Commercial, Residential
GBN Services Residential, Commercial Fully automated