Plastic Material Recovery Facilities In Switzerland

Swiss plastic material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in Switzerland that receive, separate and prepare recyclable plastic materials.

Company Name No. Staff MRF Type Materials Processed (tons/year)
A&M AG Recycling Center Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Abfallcenter Beringen AG
Almeta Recycling AG Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Arnold Schmid Recycling AG Residential
Bader Paul Transporte AG
Bausort AG
Beck Umweltservice AG
Beo Recycling GmbH
Brunner Umweltservice AG
Bruno Röllin AG
Bühlmann Recycling AG Fully automated
Chiesa Alteisen AG
Congefi SA Residential, Commercial Fully automated
Düring AG
E. Müller AG Schweiz Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Econord SA
Edi Entsorgungsdienste AG
Eggenberger Recycling AG Residential, Commercial
Fornay Tri & Recyclage Residential, Commercial
Franz Twerenbold AG Commercial, Industrial
Fratelli Puricelli SA
Freaktal Boxen und Metalle GmbH
Georges Bleiker AG 20,000
Groupe Barec Industrial 500,000
Häfeli-Brügger AG
Haldimann AG 100 Residential, Industrial, Commercial
Helvetia Environnement
Hess Muldenservice AG
HH Honegger AG
Hori-Trans und Baggerbetriebe Residential, Industrial
Hs. Mühle Recycling AG 29
J. Grimm AG
Kuster Recycling AG Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Landolt Transport AG Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Leisibach Entsorgung AG
Loacker Swiss Recycling AG Commercial, Residential
Loacker-Ostschweiz Recycling AG 30
Lopatex AG Schweiz Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Lottner AG Commercial, Industrial, Residential
Maag Recycling AG Residential, Commercial
Metabader SA Semi-automated
Moser Alteisen und Recycling AG Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Müller Recycling AG 30 Residential, Commercial, Industrial Fully automated
NTPK Zofingen GmbH
Paprec Schweiz
Paul Baldini AG 60
Ramseyer SA
Re-Center Muttenz AG
Récupération RG SA Residential, Commercial
Recycling Center Wyrsch AG Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Reinhard Recycling AG 19
ReTra Zuzwil AG
Retripa Solutions de Valorisation Residential, Commercial
REVAG Recycling AG Residential, Commercial
Römer AG
Schiess Recycling AG
Schläpfer Altmetall AG Commercial, Residential
Schmid AG Entsorgung und Recycling 27
Schneider Umweltservice AG
Schnider AG Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Senn Recycling AG Brunnen Commercial, Residential
Serbeco SA Industrial, Commercial, Residential Semi-automated
Société Fribourgeoise de Recyclage SA Residential, Industrial
Sortec Aarberg AG
Sotridec SA Commercial, Residential
Steinauer AG
Strid SA
Thommen AG 500
TIT Imhof Gruppe
Transport AG Aarau 130,000
Transport AG Entlebuch
Tricycling Mittelthurgau AG
Vadec SA 75 30,000
VfA – Verein für Abfallentsorgung
Vismara Co. SA 30 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Vögele Recycling Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Waser Holding AG Residential, Commercial, Industrial
WSA Recycling AG
Zimmerli AG
Zimmermann Umweltlogistik AG Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Zingg Industrieabfälle AG
Ziswiler Ag, A-Z Recycling Und Pet Recycling Ag