Plastic Material Recovery Facilities In Netherlands

Dutch plastic material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in Netherlands that receive, separate and prepare recyclable plastic materials.

Company Name No. Staff Materials Processed (tons/year)
AEB Amsterdam Commercial
Afvalstoffendienst 's-Hertogenbosch Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Amsing Recycling
Bal Recycling Residential, Commercial
Box BV Residential, Commercial
Broeckx Plastic Recycling BV Semi-automated
Clear Polymers B.V.
Collin BV 30
Coolrec B.V.
CVB Ecologistics
Daniels Recycling B.V.
De Graaf Groep B.V.
F. van Mierle Papierrecycling BV
G. Schrijver BV
Gebr. Hummel Recycling Commercial
Gero Recycling B.V. Residential, Commercial
H De Vries BV Residential, Commercial
Handelsonderneming Toony Vosselman
Heinhuis Recycling B.V. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Holland Recycling
Hudales BV Residential, Commercial
Indaver Nederland B.V.
Jong Recycling Commercial
Kempenaars Recycling B.V.
Klein Recycling BV Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Knol Recycling Commercial
Koenen Kaatsheuvel B.V.
Kras Recycling Commercial
Kraus Recycling Residential, Commercial
Kunststof Recycling Nederland B.V.
KunststofSorteerInstallatie 65,000
L.H. van Bruchem BV Commercial
Langezaal Industrial
LC Plastics bv
MGM Afvalmanagement Industrial
Nijssen Recycling B.V. Commercial
Oud Papiercentrale Wiermans B.V. Commercial, Industrial, Residential
Papiergroothandel Palm B.V. Residential, Commercial Semi-automated
Peute Recycling BV 1,000,000
Plastic Company
Plastic Recycling Company BV Residential, Industrial
Plastic Recycling Prudon BV 10
Pothuizen Papier- en Plastic Recycling Commercial, Industrial
Recycling Diemen
Renes BV Commercial, Industrial
Roele De Vries B.V. 130
Rutgers Milieu BV
Schenk-Recycling Residential, Commercial, Industrial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing)
Sortiva Alkmaar Residential, Commercial, Industrial Fully automated
Spijkse Metaalhandel van den Heuvel BV Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Steenhuis Recycling BV Residential
Transportbedrijf Van Vliet 250
TRH Recycling BV
Twence Commercial, Industrial
Van den Noort B.V. Residential, Commercial, Industrial 200,000
Van der Galiën Recycling B.V. 40
Van Der Poten – Van Den Nest Containers Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Van Gerrevink B.V. Residential, Commercial
Van Happen Containers Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Van Kaathoven Fully automated
Van Kaathoven Groep Residential, Industrial
Van Leeuwen Recycling Groep Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Van Munster Recyclers BV
Verhoef BV
Veyzle B.V.
Vianen Leimuiden Recycling B.V. Residential, Commercial, Industrial Semi-automated
Weststad Recycling B.V.