Plastic Material Recovery Facilities In Canada

Canadian plastic material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in Canada that receive, separate and prepare recyclable plastic materials.

Company Name Materials Processed (tons/year)
AIM Eco-Center Québec Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation Alberta
Alfa Paper Products Inc. Ontario
Archway British Columbia Commercial, Industrial, Residential
BMI Limited Nova Scotia Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Can-Am Recycling Co. Ontario
Capital Paper Recycling Ltd. Alberta Commercial, Industrial
Cascades Inc Québec Industrial, Commercial Semi-automated 2,200,000
Chatham-Kent Recycling Inc. Ontario Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Countrywide Recycling Inc. Ontario Residential, Commercial Semi-automated
Draglam Waste & Recycling Ontario
Durham Bins Ontario
Ecology Recycling Ontario Commercial
Enfoui-Bec Québec
Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority Ontario Residential Dual Stream
Excavation Dolbeau Inc. Québec
Gaudreau Environnement Inc. Québec Residential, Commercial, Industrial 50,000
GFL Environmental Inc. Ontario Commercial, Residential, Industrial
Green Solutions Ontario
Groupe Bouffard Québec Residential, Commercial
Groupe Coderr Quebec
Groupe Convex Ontario Commercial, Industrial, Residential
Groupe RCM Inc. Québec Commercial, Industrial, Residential
Groupe Thomas Bellemare Ltd Québec
Harvest Recycling Alberta Commercial, Residential
Kruger Inc. Québec Commercial, Industrial
La Régie des matières résiduelles du Lac-Saint-Jean Québec
La Sablière de Warwick Québec
Le centre de tri d’Argenteuil Québec
Le Phare Quebec
Les Services R.C. Miller Inc. Québec
Location Dalji Inc. Québec Residential, Commercial, Industrial 30,000
Loraas Recycle Saskatchewan Residential, Commercial Single Stream Fully automated 36,500
Multi-Tri Environnement Québec
Niagara Recycling Ontario Residential, Commercial, Industrial Dual Stream 77,000
Paper Trail Alberta Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Planet Earth Recycling Ltd. British Columbia Residential, Commercial
Pontiac Sorting Center Québec Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Post Plastics Inc. Ontario Industrial
Quinte Waste Solutions Ontario Residential, Commercial, Industrial 15,000
Raven Recycling Yukon Residential, Commercial
RCI Environnement Québec Residential, Commercial
Récupéraction Centre-du-Québec Quebec
Récupération Des Basques Québec
Récupération Frontenac Inc. Québec Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Récupération Mauricie Québec Residential, Commercial, Industrial 36,000
Recyclage Frédérick Morin Québec Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Recyclage JNJ Québec Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Recycling Alternative British Columbia Commercial
Regional Recycling British Columbia Residential, Commercial
Ricova Québec
Ritmrg Québec Residential, Commercial, Industrial 4,000
Sani-Éco inc. Québec Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Sarcan Recycling Saskatchewan Residential, Commercial
SLM Récupération Québec
Société VIA Québec Fully automated 45,000
Sorinco Inc Québec
The Strathmore Bottle Deport Alberta
Tomlinson Waste Recovery Center Ontario Residential, Commercial Dual Stream
Transformation des Métaux du Nord Inc Québec Commercial
Tricentris Centre de Tri Québec
Urban Impact Recycling Ltd British Columbia Commercial, Industrial
VPF Waste & Recycling Inc. Ontario Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Walker Industries Ontario Residential
Waste Connections of Canada Ontario Residential, Commercial, Industrial
WasteAway Recycling and Environmental Inc. Ontario Commercial, Industrial Single Stream
Wentworth Metal Recycling Ontario Commercial, Industrial
Westcoast Plastic Recycling British Columbia