Plastic Material Recovery Facilities In Africa

African plastic material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in Africa that receive, separate and prepare recyclable plastic materials.

Company Name No. Staff Materials Processed (tons/year)
3R Mozambique
Africa Global Recycling Togo
Atics Mauritius Mauritius 500
Atlas Green Recycling Morocco
Averda South Africa (Pty) Ltd South Africa
BluSwirl South Africa Commercial, Residential
Budget Waste South Africa
Cannibal Recycling South Africa
Cape Waste South Africa Commercial, Industrial
Central Waste Paper South Africa 61
Chanja Datti Co., Ltd Nigeria Residential, Commercial
Coliba Ghana Ltd. Ghana
Dk-Recup Algeria Residential, Commercial
DNF Waste and Environmental Services South Africa
Dumatau Trading Botswana 50
EcoFuture Technology Limited Nigeria Commercial, Residential
Economic Recycling South Africa Commercial, Industrial
Evergreen Recycling CC South Africa Commercial
Ferrous Metal Processors South Africa
FMSA Waste Management and Recycling Solutions South Africa Residential, Commercial
Gauteng Metal Recycler (Pty) Ltd. South Africa
Golden Swan G.E S.L Equatorial Guinea Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Greencycle South Africa
Greenquest Waste Management (Pty) Ltd. South Africa
Henque Waste South Africa
Honeydew Metal Recycling South Africa Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Innocense & Sons Recycling Pty Ltd South Africa
Integrated Compost & Recycling Plant Ltd Ghana 78
JCL Plastic Enterprises South Africa
Jimmy’s Scrap Metals South Africa
Johencar Recycling South Africa
K1 Recycling South Africa
L&B Recycling South Africa
Le Plastics Ltd. Sierra Leone Residential, Commercial
Lothlorien Recycling (Pty) Ltd South Africa 200
Lyles Logistics (Pty) Ltd South Africa Residential, Commercial
Maningi Scrap Metals South Africa
Mattwalenergy Nigeria Residential, Commercial Single Stream, Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing)
Mr. Green Africa Kenya 110 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
NAMSA South Africa Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Okuhle Waste Management South Africa Residential, Commercial
Open Sky Recycling South Africa Commercial, Residential
Oricol Environmental Services South Africa Industrial, Commercial, Residential
Outgreens Group Egypt 107 Residential, Commercial, Industrial 100,000
P.C. Waste Paper South Africa
Phepha Recycling South Africa
Pikitup South Africa 4500 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Planetcare South Africa
Reclam Building South Africa
Recycle 1st South Africa Residential, Commercial
Recycle Drive South Africa
Recycle Yourself South Africa Residential
RecyclePoints Ltd Nigeria Commercial, Residential
Remade Recycling South Africa 200,000
Rent-A-Drum Namibia Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Rhino Recycling (Pty) Ltd South Africa
Roodepoort Recycling South Africa 30,000
S.a.r.l Green Sky Algeria Residential, Industrial
Sebowana Recycling South Africa
SiyaBuddy Recycling and Waste Management South Africa
TakaTaka Solutions Kenya Residential, Commercial, Industrial
The Recycler Tanzania Residential, Commercial, Industrial
The Waste Group South Africa 240 Residential, Commercial, Industrial Semi-automated 48,000
The Waste Trade Company South Africa
TW Waste Paper & Metals South Africa Residential, Industrial
TWK Recycling South Africa
Urbanwise Recycling South Africa
Vicfold Recyclers Nigeria
Waste Worx South Africa Residential, Commercial
Waste-Point Limited Nigeria
WastePlan South Africa Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Wecyclers Nigeria Residential, Commercial
WestAfricaENRG Nigeria 450
Whole Earth Recycling South Africa 40 Residential, Commercial
Wykco Recycling South Africa Commercial, Industrial
Zanrec Plastic Company Ltd Tanzania
Zoomlion Ghana Ghana