Organic Recycling Plants In Other APAC

Other APAC organic recycling plants directory - showing companies in Other APAC that process organic waste into new materials. 32 organic recycling plants based in Other APAC are listed below.

Company Name No. Staff Materials Processed (tons/year) Capacity (tons/year)
Alico Waste Experts Pakistan Garden/Green Waste Composts
Betsol Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia Organic Waste Biofertilisers
Bio-Flora (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Singapore Garden/Green Waste Composts
Biocomp Nepal Nepal Organic Waste Biofertilisers, Composts
Biosurge Thailand Co., Ltd Thailand Organic Waste Composts
Bokashi Myanmar Myanmar Food Waste Composts
Compostyui Co., Ltd. Thailand Organic Waste Composts
Envcares Pte. Ltd. Singapore Garden/Green Waste, Food Waste Composts
Everbright International Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Food Waste Biogas
Folo Banfoo Malaysia Organic Waste Composts
Fugen Refined Fertilizer Co., Ltd. Taiwan Agricultural Waste Composts
Global Environment Management Services Pakistan Organic Waste Composts
Go-Organic Pakistan Organic Waste Composts
Greenback Pte Ltd. Singapore Garden/Green Waste, Agricultural Waste Composts
Hipaya Vietnam Agricultural Waste Composts
Karich Sdn Bhd Malaysia 270 Organic Waste Biofertilisers 7,200
Kenso Malaysia Agricultural Waste Composts
Kiat Lee Landscape & Building Pte Ltd. Singapore Garden/Green Waste Composts
Luu Ich Pte Vietnam Agricultural Waste Composts
Lvlin Bioresearch, Inc. Taiwan Agricultural Waste Composts
Maruchu Bussan Thailand Co., Ltd. Thailand Organic Waste Composts
Natural Agriculture Co. Ltd Thailand Organic Waste Composts
Northern Agro Services Ltd Bangladesh Organic Waste Composts
O - Park 1 Hong Kong Food Waste Biogas, Composts
SS Microbial Sdn Bhd. Malaysia Food Waste, Garden/Green Waste, Agricultural Waste Biofertilisers 80,000 25,000
Suez NWS Holdings Limited Hong Kong Food Waste Biogas, Composts 73,000
Temesi Compost Indonesia Organic Waste Composts
TrashIt Pakistan Organic Waste Composts
Waste And Resources Management, Inc. Philippines Organic Waste Composts
Worldwide Landfills Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia Garden/Green Waste Composts
Xin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Taiwan Organic Waste Composts
Zenxin Agri-Organic Food Malaysia Agricultural Waste Composts