Organic Material Recovery Facilities In Canada

Canadian organic material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in Canada that receive, separate and prepare recyclable organic materials.

Company Name Materials Processed (tons/year)
Blue Planet Recycling British Columbia Commercial, Industrial
C2 Recycling Inc. Alberta Commercial, Industrial
Cascades Inc Quebec Commercial, Industrial
Countrywide Recycling Inc. Ontario Residential, Commercial, Industrial Semi-automated
Draglam Waste & Recycling Ontario Residential, Commercial, Industrial
EFR Environmental Nova Scotia Residential, Commercial
Ellice Recycle Ltd. British Columbia Residential, Commercial
Gaudreau Environnement Inc. Quebec Residential, Commercial, Industrial
GE Environmental Nova Scotia Residential, Commercial
Les Fibres J.C. Inc. Quebec
Recycling Alternative British Columbia Commercial, Industrial
Royal Environmental Inc. Nova Scotia Residential, Commercial 25,000
Urban Impact Recycling Ltd British Columbia Commercial, Industrial Single Stream Semi-automated
Westcoast Plastic Recycling British Columbia