Material Recovery Facilities In Ireland

Irish material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in Ireland that receive, separate and prepare recyclable materials.

Company NameNo. StaffMaterials Processed (tons/year)
All Away RecyclingResidential, Industrial
Allied RecyclingResidential, Commercial
Ark RecyclingCommercial, Industrial
Barna Recycling
Barry Metal Recyling LtdCommercial, Industrial
Bord na Móna Plc.Residential, Commercial, IndustrialDual Stream
Bourke Waste Removal Ltd
ClearCircle MetalsResidential, Commercial, Industrial
Clearplas Plastics
Clonmel Waste Disposal LimitedResidential, Commercial, Industrial
Confidential Recycling LtdResidential
Country Clean RecyclingResidential, Commercial
DGD Shredding
Felix Gormley Used Metal Disposals LtdResidential
Flood Paper RecyclingResidential, Commercial
Food Surplus Management LtdCommercial, Industrial
Glassdon RecyclingSingle Stream
GMR Greener Metal RecyclingCommercial
KMK Metals Recycling Ltd
KWD RecyclingResidential, Commercial
Leinster EnvironmentalsIndustrial
Letterkenny Skip Hire & Recycling
Liberty RecyclingResidential, Commercial
Loftus RecyclingResidential, Commercial, Industrial
MacNabb Waste Management Ltd.Residential, CommercialSingle Stream
McElvaney's Waste & RecyclingResidential, Commercial
Mcgovern Metals
McKenna Waste Paper Recycling LtdCommercial, Industrial
Molloy Metal Recycling Ltd.
Mr. BinmanResidential, Commercial
MSM Recycling
Mulleady’s Ltd.70Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Murray Waste Recycling Ltd.Residential, Commercial
National Recycling Metals
O'Brien Skip Hire LimitedResidential, Commercial, Industrial
O'Reilly Recycling LtdIndustrial
Pacon Waste and Recycling LtdResidential, Commercial
Panda RecyclingResidential, Commercial
Pouladuff Scrap Metal ltd.
Quality Recycling LtdResidential, Commercial
Rehab Recycle
ROC Recycling Solutions LtdCommercial, Industrial
ScrapMyCarDublinResidential, Commercial
Sharkey Waste RecyclingResidential, Commercial
Sunflower RecyclingCommercial
United MetalsResidential, Commercial, Industrial
Walsh Waste LtdCommercialDirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing)Fully automated
WERS LtdResidential, Commercial
Wilton Waste RecyclingResidential, Commercial