Material Recovery Facilities In Belgium

Belgian material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in Belgium that receive, separate and prepare recyclable materials.

Company NameNo. StaffMRF TypeMaterials Processed (tons/year)
A. Stevens & Co
AA IJzerland
AG Metals RecyclingResidential, Commercial
Alex Polese Metals
Alfamet Recycling 
Antwerpse Oud Papier CentraleResidential, Commercial, IndustrialSemi-automated
Bel Fibers SA
Belgian Scrap Terminal NV
Boden Metalen
Bongaerts Recycling n.v.Commercial, Residential
Brussels Recycling Metal SA Residential, Commercial
BVBA Devos Metal Recycling
Capiau Recycling5
Cart S.A.
Casier Recycling14,500
Close & Fils
Comet GroupResidential, Industrial
Coulembier & Cie sprlIndustrial
Degels Meta bvba
Depoortere Pierre BVBA
Deshayes Fer
Dubaere Recuperatie BVBA
Duvigneaud-Wilmet S.A.Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Établissement Weibel
Ets. Dubail S.A.
Femeco Sprl
Gagelmans RecyclingResidential, Commercial
Gilgemyn RecyclingIndustrial
H&C Depla & Cie
Hendrickx & CoResidential
Huughe Metalen BVBA
KBC BvbaResidential, Commercial
Keyser & Fils
Knop Recycling SPRLResidential, Commercial
Martens Geert
Mayers Metals
Metaalhandel Wynants en Zonen bvbaResidential, Commercial
Metal Force SPRLIndustrial
Monseu Recycling
Multi Continental Group
MVJM Recycling Metal
Nieulandt Recycling13,000
Nys MetaalrecyclageResidential, Commercial, Industrial
Oud Papier Centrale Eeklo8Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Oud Papier Jozef MichelCommercial
Oude Metalen Mommens
Partners Metal Group
Peelaer Bvba
RCMD bvba Plastic Recycling
Recuperatiebedrijf Willems NV
Recyclage Debacker & Zn BVBA
Recytex Europe S.A.10,000
RM Group
Rocourt MétauxResidential, Industrial, Commercial
Roosen N.V.
SametalResidential, Commercial, Industrial
Schmitz G. BVBAResidential, Commercial
SEOS GroupCommercial, Industrial
Serck Metals RecyclingResidential, Commercial, Industrial
Staelens Recup NVResidential, Commercial
Stallaert RecyclingResidential, Commercial
Stassen RecyclingResidential, Commercial
TransmétauxResidential, Commercial, Industrial
Vabeau RecyclingResidential, Commercial
Van den Broeck Recycling
Van Hees Metalen
Van Thuyne RecyclingResidential, Commercial, Industrial
Vanheede Environment Group
Vermetal BavaCommercial, Industrial
Waasland Recycling bvba
Weber SA
Weibel DémolitionResidential, Commercial, Industrial
Weibel Recycling
Wilmet Group