Metal Material Recovery Facilities In United Kingdom

British metal material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in United Kingdom that receive, separate and prepare recyclable metal materials.

Company Name No. Staff Materials Processed (tons/year)
1st Choice Waste Management Group Commercial, Industrial
2 Recycling Limited Commercial, Industrial
A & A Skip Hire Ltd Commercial, Residential
A & E Metals Ltd. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
A Brunton Limited Industrial, Commercial, Residential
A Buckland & Sons Ltd
A Christie and Sons Residential, Commercial
A Goodman & Son Gainreward Limited
A J Recycling
A Smith & Sons
A.E. Burgess & Sons Ltd Industrial, Commercial 240,000
A.M Jones Scrap Metal Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial
A.Riddel Waste Management Residential, Commercial, Industrial
A&G Metals Solutions
A&J Moore Scrap Metal Recycling Ltd
A1 Metal Recycling
A4 Metal Recycling Limited
Aasvogel Recycling & Skip Hire Commercial
AB Waste Disposal Commercial 25,000
Abbey Metal Reclaim Ltd Commercial, Industrial
Abbey Metal Recycling
Acetech Construction Ltd
Advanced Alloys Services Ltd
Advanced Metal Innovation Co.
AG Evans Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Ahern Waste Management
Aintree Scrap Metal Residential, Industrial
AJT Recycling Limited Residential, Commercial
Albec Metal Co.
Alchem (Merseyside) LTD
Alchemy Metals Ltd
Allied Waste Management
Alutrade Ltd. Residential, Commercial
Alwin Limited
Amber Service Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Amenities Limited
Amgen Cymru Commercial, Residential
Ammanford Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Ampthill Metal Company
Andrew's Recycling Ltd Commercial
Anglian Demolition & Asbestos Ltd Commercial, Residential
Apex Metal Recycling Ltd. Residential, Commercial
APM Metals Limited Commercial
Archer Recycling Ltd. Residential, Commercial
Archimedes Metals Ltd Residential, Commercial
Argall Metal Recycling Industrial, Commercial
Armstrong Waste Management Limited Residential, Industrial, Commercial
ASH Metal Recycling Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial
ASH Waste Services Commercial
Ashton & Manchester Waste Executive Ltd
Ashvin Metals Ltd Commercial, Industrial 20,000
ASM Metal Recycling Ltd. Residential, Commercial
Astar Waste Ltd.
Atlantic Recycling Commercial, Industrial Semi-automated
Atlas Metal Recycling Residential, Commercial
Aussie Scrap Commercial, Residential
Autobits Scrap Metal Residential, Commercial
Autosave Residential, Industrial, Commercial
Avon Specialty Metals Ltd Industrial
AWS Recycling Commercial
B & T at Work Residential, Commercial, Industrial
B Shakespeare & Co Ltd Residential, Commercial
B W Riddle
B. Allsop & Sons Ltd
B.A. Perkins Scrap Metals Ltd
B.F.A. Recycling Ltd. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
B.H. Porter & Son Ltd
B&J Metals Ltd
B&K Environmental Services Ltd 165,000
Backworth MOT & Service Centre Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Baco Compak (Norfolk) Limited Residential, Commercial
Bailey Waste Residential, Commercial Single Stream
Baker Metals Limited
Bakers Waste Services Ltd 100 Commercial, Residential
Bartletts Metal Recycling Residential, Commercial
Barton Skip and Grab Hire Limited Residential, Commercial Manual 25,000
Batemans Skips Ltd Residential, Commercial 80,000
Bay Skips Ltd
Bayliss Recovery Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Beaver Metals & Metallic Extractors
Bendall Metal Recycling Ltd
Benfleet Scrap Co. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Bennett Bros. (Metals) Recycling
Bernard Hunter Ltd
Betaskips Residential, Commercial
Biffa Plc. Residential, Commercial Single Stream 400,000
Binn Group Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing) Fully automated 125,000
Birmingham Waste Management Commercial, Industrial
BJD Recycling Ltd Residential, Commercial
Blackpool Skip Hire
Blair Metals Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Bloy & Son Residential, Commercial, Industrial
BM Metals Residential, Commercial
Bolton Brothers Limited
Bradford Waste Traders Ltd
Brand & Howes Environmental Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Bridge Metals (Birmingham) Ltd Residential, Commercial
Briggs Metals Limited
Brisco Waste Disposal Ltd