Glass Material Recovery Facilities In United Kingdom

British glass material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in United Kingdom that receive, separate and prepare recyclable glass materials.

Company Name No. Staff Materials Processed (tons/year)
A Brunton Limited Industrial, Commercial, Residential
A J Recycling
A.E. Burgess & Sons Ltd Industrial, Commercial 240,000
A.Riddel Waste Management Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Amber Service Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Amenities Limited
Amgen Cymru Commercial, Residential
Armstrong Waste Management Limited Residential, Industrial, Commercial
ASH Waste Services Commercial
ASL Environmental
Atlantic Recycling Commercial, Industrial Semi-automated
B & T at Work Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Baco Compak (Norfolk) Limited Residential, Commercial
Bakers Waste Services Ltd 100 Commercial, Residential
Bay Skips Ltd
Biffa Plc. Residential, Commercial Single Stream 400,000
Binn Group Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing) Fully automated 125,000
Brisco Waste Disposal Ltd
Bristol Waste Company 75,000
Bryson Recycling 280 Residential, Commercial Single Stream Fully automated 64,000
Burton Skip Hire Ltd Residential, Commercial
Calder Valley Skip Hire Residential, Commercial
Cardiff & Caerphilly Skips
Cardiff Council Commercial Waste Services Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Casepak Residential, Commercial, Industrial Single Stream 150,000
Cawleys Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing) Semi-automated
CCC Waste Management Commercial
CD Waste Management Ltd
Ceredigion Waste Services 20 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Chambers Recycling Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Cherry Hill Waste Ltd Residential, Commercial
Clearaway Ltd Commercial, Industrial
Coastal Recycling 120 Residential, Commercial 100,000
Cornwall Cullet Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Cornwall Waste Solutions Industrial, Commercial
Countrystyle Recycling Ltd. Residential, Commercial 500,000
Cox Skips Fully automated
CSH Environmental 50,000
Cumbria Waste Management
Dave Peat Waste Ltd Residential, Commercial
Derwen Aggregates
Derwent Recycling Services Ltd.
Devon Contract Waste Commercial
Dunmow Group Residential, Commercial, Industrial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing) Manual, Semi-automated
E.E. Green & Son Ltd
East Coast Waste Limited Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Eco Waste & Recycling Ltd Residential, Commercial
Edwards Recycling Residential, Commercial 30,000
EIS Waste Services Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing)
EMS Waste Services Residential, Commercial
Enviro Kleen (Scotland) Ltd Commercial, Industrial Manual
Envirofirst Commercial
Essex Reclamation Ltd
Excel Waste Management Ltd Residential, Commercial, Industrial
First Mile
Fleet Skips Commercial, Industrial, Residential
Fletchers Waste Management Residential, Commercial
Fortress Recycling and Resource Management Ltd. Commercial Fully automated
Fred Lloyd Residential, Commercial
Gaskell Waste Services Ltd
GB Skips Limited Commercial, Residential
GBN Services Residential, Commercial Fully automated
Great Western Recycling Ltd Commercial, Industrial
Green Recycling Ltd Commercial, Industrial
Grundon Waste Management Limited
GSH Waste Recycling Residential, Commercial, Industrial Dirty Waste (MWP: Mixed Waste Processing)
Gwynedd Skip & Plant Hire Ltd. Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Haulaway Ltd
Hawkins & Scott Ltd Commercial, Industrial, Residential
Hills Waste Solutions Limited
HR Skip Hire
HW Martin Waste Ltd Residential, Commercial Fully automated 80,000
Irish Waste Services Ltd Residential Single Stream Fully automated
ISM Waste
J & M Murdoch & Son Ltd Commercial, Industrial
James Waste Management LLP Residential, Commercial, Industrial
John Wade Group Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Kar Skip Hire Commercial
Kinneil Kerse Recycling Centre Residential
LAS Recycling Limited Residential, Commercial
Loop Management Services Ltd. Commercial
Loosemores Transport Ltd
LSPS Ltd Residential, Commercial Manual
LW Recycling - Skip Hire and Waste Management Residential
M W White Ltd
Magfern Recycling Ltd Residential, Commercial
Materials Recovery Ltd
McAteer Recycling Commercial
McGrath Group Semi-automated 1,300,000
Metal & Waste Recycling Residential, Commercial, Industrial 800,000
Mid UK Recycling Limited Fully automated
Mildenhall Skip Hire Commercial, Residential
MJ Church Skip Hire
Mr Rubble Skip Hire Ltd
MV Recycling (UK) Ltd
Nationwide Waste Services Commercial
Newtown Skip Hire Residential, Commercial Fully automated
Nick Brookes Group Commercial
Noble Recycling and Skip Hire Fully automated
Nolan Recycling Ltd